Launch X431
The first industry in Hong Kong-listed companies
Shenzhen Launch Tech Co., Ltd. was established in 1992, is the first dedicated automotive diagnostic, testing, maintenance R & D, production and marketing of high-tech enterprises.Company in October 2002 in Hong Kong GEM Exchange (ticker symbol: 8196), is the first industry in Hong Kong-listed companies.
We are run in the forefront of the world
LAUNCH first put forward in China's auto industry "car market" concept, with advanced sophisticated automotive electronics testing and diagnostic products based on the integrated use of modern communications, automation, networking, automotive electronics and mechatronics technology applications, covering?automotive diagnostic, testing, maintenance, mechanical equipment, electronic equipment, information systems, tools and testing lines, product lines, the current diagnosis, detection and machinery products in the domestic market has a very high share, which "electric eye" brand has become a vehicle?synonymous with computer diagnosis has been representative of the world's highest level of automobile diagnostic technology, is China's auto decoders in the world proud.
The resurgence of LAUNCH brand
LAUNCH to take aggressive international strategy, and actively develop the overseas market, shape the "LAUNCH" of the international brand.?LAUNCH people-oriented, scientific management, is to continue beyond the challenge of self-innovation, along technology, industrialization, the group, the international road for the creation of multi-national corporations of years and forge ahead.

August 1992 Launch Tech was incorporated in Shenzhen

In 1994 the company successfully developed the first generation of electric eyes LE100 car fault detection equipment.

1995 to promote electric eyes, building marketing network

1996 electric car test series by the Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Bureauas Shenzhen High-Tech Projects

Daily market survey conducted in 1997, LAUNCH market share of China's first electric eye,so as to establish the status of automotive after-market pioneer.

1998 automotive electronic control system detects the device is recognized as a national Torch Program

LAUNCH 1998 by Shenzhen Bureau of Science and Technology identified as high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen City.

In 1998 the company successfully developed the fourth generation of electric eyes and enhanced 431ME 431ME-1 electric eyes.

In 1999 a national key scientific and technological achievements to promote model base to promote business

In 2000 the successful development of the engine analyzer CAR-e-CARe automotive fault diagnosis system in advance, automotive test conditions recorders, car dashboard information unit, car trouble reading cards Creader.

In 2001 the company passed ISO9001 2000 quality system certification. 2001 Launch clouds of Automotive Engineering established. Launch in 2001 was named Shenzhen strong scientific and technological enterprises.

Established in 2002 in Russia, the Middle East, Australia and other overseas general agent. In October 2002, Shenzhen Launch Tech Co., Ltd. was successfully listed in Hong Kong GEM

Technology Park ¥ 28 cylinder project levy cap

LAUNCH won the 2012 Guangdong software business revenue of the top 100 enterprises

In February 22, 2014, GOLO is listed on the Shenzhen city shake